Sunday, February 5, 2017

How Long shall we stand aside

How long shall we stand a side and look?

This question came to mind as I had the following experience while traveling with my wife and daughter on February 4th 2017

My heart goes out to the family of Andre who was shot today on the corner Figueroa Street and Vernon Ave  in Los Angeles. I was in the right place at the right time to comfort and assist the young 20 something brother who was shot by three other young brothers as he stood on the bus stop in Los Angeles.

The only cause I can see was the red baseball cap that lie on the ground near the growing a puddle of warm red blood.   We were getting a bite to eat in the drive thru as we heard three loud pops like an out of season fire cracker then we heard the loud scream of the victim and saw the shooters fleeing. It was like slow motion in a Black exploitation film but it was real. This was not a drive by but a walk by in mid day.

Before I could think about the danger I had already ran across the street to help the youth.

It was sureal as i began to pray for the man and comfort him. I was supported by another woman who also began praying in the prayer language called tongues while encircling is as a guardian angel. Together we interceded for his life. God answered immediately.

There were LAPD everywhere it seemed like at least 30 officers had arrived and several cars and motorcycles but no ambulance. As we prayed and we kept the young man conscience. After about 15 to 20 minutes an ambulance arrived and I passed on my responsibility to another type of professionals. Leaving that space I was in awe of God's favor on the young man's life and mesmerize buy the horror I felt regarding the shooters and this shooting so close to us. Why? LORD have Mercy, LHM!

Heavenly Father touch the family of Andre and comfort them ... their son is alive. Father heal and forgive the heart and soul of the shooters for they know not what they do. Help us Heavenly Father to dk our part to reinstall community values of Love of Life and Respect for humanity. AMEN #LORDhaveMercy! #LHM! #Why