Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Worship is the Gateway

Worship is the gateway to breakthrough. I recently discovered this fact while I was facing a horrible situation that was too much for me in at the natural. But I was asked by a spiritual father to worship God. After a time of singing praise songs we turned our attention to God and worship.  Worship is magnifying the worth and value of another. When we worship God we magnify his character in virtues. So at the request of my Elder I entered into worship for about an hour. Worship allowed me to take my mind off my problem long enough for God to work a breakthrough.

While my mind was on God in worship, God was creating a situation for my deliverance. The breakthrough happened for me during my worship.  I ckecked my email after the time of worhip of God only to discover that GOD was working on the heart of someone else to give me the breakthrough that I needed. I had a voicemail  and email documenting this fact .

Another example of this pathway to breakthrough came the very next day. I had been struggling to resume my work as a Uber driver. After pushing through the difficulties of resuming the work, getting all the paperwork in place and  verifying documents. NOW I was ready. I turned on the Uber Partner app but after about ten minutes no passengers.

It came to my mind to start worshiping  and before even two minutes of worship my first client called and within a few minutes my first passenger was in the car with a long distance trip to Long Beach.

I realize that God was trying to teach me something that worship is the pathway to breakthrough. Worship gives all minds the opportunity to turn away from the bigness of the problem to the Greatness of God. In the space created by Worship our hearts are encouraged  and God gets the victory.

Please take a moment to watch the  Periscope  video that I have attached to this blog. In it you will find my discussion about the breakthrough and a special treat, my personal testimony of how I came to spiritual breakthrough.  Peace and and blessings. Remember to keep your hands clean and your heart pure. You can't go wrong with that.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's Going On?

What is really going on? is a term our youth say to indicate that they want to hear the truth, the real raw truth not just our pat answer like: It's all good or Everything's alright. What going on is a question that we have been ask for years. It subconsciously assumes that we do not know whats REALLY going on. Do you have an analysis, and answer or solution? What's happening in our families, neighborhoods, and cities? It seems like it does not matter what urban area in any state there is a bunch of stuff that is going on that boggles or minds. We are scratching our heads in wonder time after time when we hear Judaical verdicts that leaves dead bodies in the graves without justice being served.

What Going On? I recently heard an young artist raise the question whats going on? She said in this generation we have to give an answer to Marvin's question. The following video clip was born out of an reflection on that question. I believe one thing that is going on is that we are being programmed by negative and destructive images of ourselves in the news and on reality TV among other venues. These images help others to see us as uncultured and not worth of the breath needed to keep us alive. This programming goes into our children's psyche and causes the to dislike and even hate themselves. It causes others to devalue us and provided justification for us to be disrespected and even killed with impunity. It causes the youth to replicate what they have been programmed to do and behave, resulting in low self esteem and performance in school. We need to develop content that will offer deprogramming from negative imaging and plant positive seed that will bring a harvest of whole fully develop citizens. This video is just the beginning. For more information like this check out my Facebook page and Omar A. Muhammad, Th.M.  Like it and then go through my posts for helpful positive information the fills the mind and soul.

God is taking us to a new level. Check out what me and my family Kev Og have been up to...we are taking over the image...
Posted by Omar A. Muhammad, Th.M on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Two Sides of LOVE

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