Monday, January 18, 2016

The Sleeper Must Awaken to Live The Dream

         Today I meditating on the legacy of #Dr.MartinLutherKing, I'm  challanging people who follow me to reflect deeply on the following message by Dr. MLK Jr.  Why I Opposes to the Vietnam War.

This message is significant because of  its important content,  it reveals the heart of Dr. KING. It's because of the stance Dr. King took here, dark forces speeded up the process of his assignation.

Listen to discover Why he was killed. dr. kKing saw the direct correlation between our governments use of violence and the use of violence in our nation and nation. 

I know by reflectively listening, we can learn from Dr. King  how to use our religious faith in God to bring about positive change in our world.  With the tools extracted from this message we can project the principles presented in the message on to our times. THEN we will be equipped take a  proactive stance to incorporate the motivations of Dr. KING'S  heart into our own heart and raise our collective voice as inheritors of the #MLKDAY legacy. 

Do not be afraid to participate in civil unrest for righteous causes. Remember there is protection in numbers can. They not kill us all. We must wake up and Live the Dream. 

Below you will find a link to the entire speech of Dr, King. He said himself that this is a departure from His normal preaching messages. Yet I believe God took over to bring us a Word with the heart of God in Dr. King.
Check out this video on YouTube: