Monday, January 18, 2016

Live the Dream on Periscope: Monday Matters w/Pastor Omar

On this Monday I did not allow the distractions of the modern world to take me away form celebrating the work and life of Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.  In the past I allowed the celebration of Dr. King's Holiday to be co-opted by the interest of others. My former jobs made me come into work by trying to make me feel  guilty with word's "like its at day on... for volunteerism rather than a day off.. That was all good but I volunteer through out the year. I always felt cheated when they forced me to work on Dr. Martin Luther King's National Holiday.  So, some how I would always end up volunteering my youth at the local  Martin Luther King, Jr. Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles. This is where God gave me the idea that it's time to stop dreaming and put our faith in action to proactively change the conditions of the people that Dr. King loved so much. It always disturbed me how some employers would make all the other holidays a paid day off from work but. They would make employees take their other paid leave days for the holiday celebrating the Life of a hero, a Decedent of American Slavery, a "Black Man." To me that's a form of subtle racial oppression used by cunning people to take the value out of the Holiday.

I guess I am so sensitive to this National Holiday because I had a part in it becoming a National Holiday. I lived on the East coast at the  time. We made an annual pilgrimage to Washington D.C. To petition the Federal Government to make Dr. King's Birthday a National Holiday. We would conduct economic boycotts and stage large marching demonstrations. I will never forget the day in which we were marching in DC. At this time I was a Howard University student, We were marching in the deep cold of a DC winter. My feet were freezing they were so cold that I began to second think my commitment to stay until the end of the march, but late in the march as we were staging for closing words. The genius Steve Wonder came to the stage. He started singing the famous birthday song as a dedication to Dr. Martin Luther King. The words were so moving that it actually warmed my heart and the hearts of those who were marching in solidarity. At that mystical moment, the enduring song not only got locked into our collective conscious and hearts it became a stable at our birthday parties.  It must have also touched the national leaders because, republican President Ronald Reagan signed the Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday into Law.  Yes... in hind sight he may have also been encouraged by our effective economic boycotts.

Today I did not get distracted. On this MLK Day I allowed the Spirit of  God and Dr. King to lead me  into deep reflection. Its my tradition to Listen to Dr. King speeches on this day but today I was lead to focus on one sermon, of  Dr. Kind "Why I Am Opposed to the Viet Nam War." This message motivated me in a strange way. I was lead to extract quotes and principles out of the message for use on social media and to guide my faithful expression of social action against injustice.

Its strange how things change over time. I used to think the Dr. King was a weakling for allowing other to hit, spit on, stab and shoot him, but now I recognize he was indeed operating with supernatural power as a true disciple of Jesus even as his white christian brother cast doubt on his calling and ministry.He continued to stand courageous even while in prison, read a Letter from a Birmingham Prison, Dr King  for all this and more I  Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for your LIFE and ministry. You showed us the way... My God bless his name and soul for ever. Happy King Day... Live the Dream.