Monday, January 25, 2016

Introducing the Series Plank and Pray Journey to InnerCore Work

Introducing the Plank and Pray series day 1 of 21 Introduction to Plank and Pray series Day 1 of 21 look out for the Photo bomber click on either one of the links below. Then cut a paste the link with in the text below and you will be directed to my Facebook page to view my series of messages #innercorework

I started this series from a challenge thrown down by my wife to plank and Pray now I see it has become a video series a journey to the inner core of my soul. God be praise. Watch and me and my special guest did deep into the physical core to find our inner Core strength. This first one is features a classic photo bomb by my # 3. Enjoy the rest of the series here:
or on YouTube Omar A. Muhammad