Saturday, October 10, 2015

FreeStyle Fridays with Periscope Broadcaster Omar A Muhammad #justiceorelse

Justice or else This message came to me as a result of my desire to produce my freestyle Friday show.  However I realized as continueded in the broadcast. The Spirit of our Ancestors took over me and I had to speak up for my people who suffer under the dregs of American Slavery as  Decendants of American Slaves.

I realized that our youth are saying  #Justiceorelse. You powers that be, give us justice, treat us with dignity or suffer the consequences...... I do not know what the consequences maybe. But if the pass is an indicator of the future there will have more riots and intense social clashes with police and Policy until we truely get the sense that we are free. Please check out your Pastor Omar in this raw unedited. Periscope Broadcast. #justiceorelse

I think it important to tell you that I had great  difficulty in getting this Periscope broadcast out to  you. On "I" products it would not play on Pariscope and for a long time on Andrid platform.  It did not play or replay on Periscopw nor on my android but after several aattempts (12) attempts then it finally played. So if you have a false start in viewing this Katch.Me rebroadcast know that in some weird set  of circumstances dark forces did not want you for me to see the content of this video. So if you get to see know my heart and that I love all people.

Love Always Pastor Omar A. Muhammad, Th.M
Keep Going.....