Friday, October 9, 2015

Are You the ONE?

Lately I have been driven to participate in the new technology of streaaming live video shows to  be broad cast on Pariscope for 24 hours. However #katch has decided to capture the video and archive it for us and give us the access to repost in on other social media venues. So I decided that since I was spending more time broadcasting rather than writing then I could get some of my blog post done by way of video blog. So here is my fist on for posting.  Me and My daughter Safiyan Y. Muhammad decided to co host a show discussing a subject sent in by one of my viewers regarding: Maintainning Faith in Dark Situations.  We call this one are you the one. You can share it and discuss it with yur friends if youl Like. Please comment hear and on my faccebook: Omar A. Muhammad, Th.M 

click on the play button below: