Thursday, August 27, 2015

THE SKY's THE LIMIT! by guest author Janice Almond

(I am happy to introduce my first guest author Janice Almond; Janice is a gfted up and coming author. I had the previledge to read a pre production copy of her book Being Grateful. It is an excellent and practical book on developing the hearts and benifits of Being Grateful. I recommend that you get a copy Immediatly. Yours truley wrote the forward for this inspiring book.)


How far can you go? Life is unlimited! You can go as far as your imagination will take you. What is the catalyst for movement? First of all, you must be grateful for what you have and where you are right now in your journey and second, you must be determined to get to where you need to go and where you need to be.

In my book, you will find and see the thirteen steps it takes to be grateful. The first step is to believe in yourself. This should be obvious, right? How are you even going to reach for the sky if you don't even think or believe you can. Doing or accomplishing anything will be an utter impossibility. Believing in yourself is the first catalyst.

Your perception is important because you receive what you believe. What are you thinking and believing about yourself and your life right now? What you believe you will act on, good or bad. All you have to do to change your life is to change what you are perceiving. 

It's time to literally take and keep track of your thoughts. Without belief in yourself you will have a lack of fulfillment and abundance. Even in not good circumstances, you must have a belief for a better outcome. Decide to stop putting limitations on yourself by your lack of belief. 

Here's a quote: "If your life looks cloudy, maybe the windows of your soul need washing!" Choose this week to be active in your decisions and break the cycle of non-belief by unclouding your mind. Then you will be able to reach for the sky!


BEING GRATEFUL: How to Open the Door to a More Fulfilled & Abundant Life in 13 Easy Steps

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Almost missed IT!

I almost missed it.

Recently I had a preaching assignment in Golita, CA. Golita is about a two hour drive north from Los Angeles.  It is just outside of the beautiful city of Santa Barbara California. The pastor of Light and Life Golita Church is a family friend. He and his wife invited me and my family to preach in his absence and to also stay in his lovely home for the weekend. My wife, children and I consider this trip a mini vacation. Pastor's house all the amenities on demand Cable vision, Wi Fi, a house full of toys and bikes for the children and a swimming pool. My children came prepared to swim and have a good time and they did. 

For me it was quit and ordeal for all of us to get packed and actually get on the road. We did finally get on the road with our normal frustrations.  In fact it was the "normal frustrations" that almost caused me to almost miss it. I was so busy focusing on the little distractions like the “excessive” bathroom breaks and the occasional flair up arguments between the siblings and my wife telling me to stay in my lane that I was gradually losing my ability to see the big picture, the work and hand of God.

For several years now I have been praying to God asking that he would allow me the blessed combination of traveling with my wife and children while also doing my spiritual life work and passion. In my minds eye I could see me teaching and preaching by day in foreign lands like Egypt. By night the family and I would be, riding on camel backs with the Great pyramids in the back ground. I could see us as a family walking six deep on top of the Great Wall of China after a wonder-filled day of lecturing and spiritual workshops.

So it caught me by surprise when God opened my open my eyes while driving back home after a great day of Ministry and service in Golita. We were driving along on the famous 1 freeway know as the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful scene; majestic mountains piled high on my left hand, the alluring Pacific Ocean on my right hand along with its sun worshippers; and before me Big Open Sky and road. Our children were content as they had taken over the AUX cord to my car radio and were taking turns playing their favorite EDM play list. In the midst this noise and haste the presence of God visited me.

I could hear the subtle small voice of God saying. This is it, this is what you have been asking me to give you. You said you wanted to travel with your family and fulfill your life calling this is what you have been doing the past couple of days. You have been so busy complaining in your spirit about the little frustrations, that you almost missed the blessing of answered prayer. I have given you what you asked for and if you do not wake up from the delusion and distraction you will miss it. Thankfully I did wake up an embraced it. I thanked God for giving me what I prayed for. I declared to whoever would listen that I almost missed IT; but I woke up just in time to appreciate the fulfillment of my prayers.

What is it that you almost missed? What blessing and answer to prayer are you about to miss because you are majoring on the minor stuff of life? I believe you like me are just at the beginning of a major breakthrough in our life. Your and my lofty visions will be our reality soon.  Perhaps it’s already begun but it begun like it recently did for me…like a small humble family road trip. Please don't miss your blessing. Despise not small beginnings. Be Thankful in all things. Keep Going....