Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Short Cut to Success or Not...

Have you ever wondered what the term belly up or swimming with the fishes really mean? They both have to do with fish.

One of my hobbies is to raise aquarium fish. I buy little ones and grow them up until they are large beautiful and marketable. I love raising fish it is a Muhammad family hobby. We caught the hobby from my father he always had at least one fishing tank in our house as a child. 

For me whenever I was settled into a new space I would set up a fish tank. But in the last few family moves in my life we had to leave my fish tanks and settle for an infrequent trip to the local fish store. 

So during our search to downsize and a new home I played little attention to green water cesspool in the back yard of our new dwelling. It was a painful enough squeeze from our two story five bed room, three bath house to our three bed room, three bath house. But in the midst of the painful transition, it was there, God's special gift to me, my very first outdoor pond, His gift to me for all my troubles. 

After we settled in noticed the gift, at that time, it was cesspool a 450 gallon pool of green stagnate water. One day I thought to my self, I'm going to clean it up and turn it in to an Oasis.  Once that idea came to me I had a "project" of turning this cesspool into a water garden with fish. 

I got busy emptying out the old water and putting in clean water.  I discovered a filter in the pond,so I got the pond clean I put some of my first fish in the pond and everything was good for about three days.

Then the water turned green again and i could not see fish any more. I was frustrated and felt defeated. What could I do? I was becoming impatient. I wanted the pond to be fully functioning now.  

So a big idea came to me. If I put enough clean water in it would push out the green water. I ran to get some clean water into the pond until the green water water was clear again. 

By now I am inpatient and  frustrated so I thought to rush the process. I did not follow any of the slow, step by step procedures I needed to get some  progress toward the ole long tried and true ways of cleaning the green water. The process includes waiting until  i had everything in place like a large filter, UV lighting and the proper amount of de chlorinating water conditioner.        

My immature need to have things my way NOW,led me to push pass precaution, reason and experience. I had to get what I wanted when I wanted how I wanted it. And I got it,I got just what I wanted clean water.

I could finally see the fish. The water was clear and I could see the fish. They were beautiful hand picked and carefully selected for their rare colors and perfect form. I could finally see them and they were beautiful.  

I went to sleep that night with  with a sense of accomplishment i beat the odds. I accomplished what many wanted to do in much less time. Can you imagine how felt when I went to sleep that night. Yess!

The next morning I got up early as usually to worship God. I could hardly wait to finish my worship time and get ready for work and to feed my fish before going. Early morning, On my bed I imagined and reasoned what the pond looked like I could hardly wait to a take my fire look at my pristine master piece before I went to work. When i got to the the pond my face went from expectant joy to incomprehensible bewilderment for to my shock and chagrin I learned that hard way the origin of the term belly up. Because all my prized fish had going belly up... they were swimming with the fishes, But that is a cute euphemism for being dead.  They were not swimming at all they were like all dead things life less and not moving. All of my prized hand chosen fish we DEAD. How could this happen? To me of all people didn't God see me pick them out, didn't He guide me to the great deals and didn't he know how badly I wanted almost needed to have the fish in order to reduce my stress.     

Why, why did this happen? Yet Without voice i heard the word patience. 

Patience my son you need to learn patience. I know that you are not foolish enough to ask me for patience. So I had to allow you to set up the lesson your self. I had to allow you to learn this lesson in the minimized context. Where the cost is real but not human lost. You my son have to learn patience. 

Oh I was hot and hurt. I became mad at God but really even angrier at me. God did not make me rush the process. I did that. So i had to regroup and start again but not from the beginning of not knowing but from the New  the lessons learned. It takes time to get somethings right.  Please take it from me. Patience is a virtue because it saves us from having to suffer unnecessary lost.  

We must do our necessary duty and due diligence and research. And have the long suffering and forbearance to wait until all things come together because.. there are no short cut to success. Be encouraged for they who hold out until the end will reap a might harvest.  

What we want is not always what we need…