Monday, July 14, 2014

Death vs Life after Life

Why do we cry when our love ones die? Are we in sorrow for our own loss. Maybe, we should rejoice rather than be selfishly sad. Life 2 Life!

I remember that it happened, My Father made his transition from this life to Life after life. At the time i had resentment toward God. Why oh Why did He have to take my father? Didn't He know that I we needed him. At least thats what we thought, I know intellectually that my father was in a better place with no worries of how to pay the bills and how to keep the doctors from cutting on his body.

I miss my father so much. We were friends by the time he made his transition. Who am I going to go to for wise council now? Who?

I  guess you can tell that I too am still working through the transition of my biological Father. During the past several  years have moments of clarity about when it happened. And i have waves of sorrow for his transition. I used to find my face wet with tears but not so much now. I know that there's still healing to be experienced for me.

Yet I have been enjoying the new abilities that my father has in his new role as Ancestor. He can be in multiple places without pain and disease. I have heard from my wife and siblings of his visits in dreams and in person.  Now he is able to visit more with me and my family. He comes to me at different times and be present with me. At times i sense that he is  riding in the car with me, protecting and aiding me and my family. He could not do all these things while he was alive in the body.      

How we handle our parents and loved ones transition is a highly personal thing. Some of us change our facebook profile photo during their birthday, anniversary of  transition day and Father's day. I still haven't changed mine back since Father's day. I guess i like seeing him around. Some of us visit grave sites and burn candles at altars. During this writing I realized that I have to address the issues my inability to tell you when my father made his transition i have to address it because it began to bother me. I really can't remember when it happened with out looking it up.  I knew this inability was a sign that i too needed healing in this area.

Some times I feel like one of my young friend shared with me feeling like I will never get over it (his transition), That may be true. But I also felt like  I needed a different perspective on my father's transition. As long as I though of my father as being dead. (separated from life) as I know it then. I suffered depression and deep sorrow and sadness. But when I was introduced to the concept of Life after life, then I began to have hope again.I realized that this subtle shift in my perspective gave me a whole new outlook on my father's transition. This shift in my thinking along  the visits by my father slowly shifted my relationship and understanding with death and dying.

So in my humble opinion our perspective on death and dying has a lot to do with how we handle the death of our beloved.  I believe it is all about perspective. How we see a thing in our spirit has a lot to do with how we cope, survive and or thrive after the transition of our beloved.  This  is why i ended my recent social media post concerning an observation around death with the positive thought Life unto Life.

The Positive thought of life unto Life is inviting and full of faith, hope and Love. Death, dead and dying sounds so cold and is so separating. In "Life on earth"  this subtle shift from believing in death as separation to death as a door way to Life after life is refreshing. Death which equate with separation from life, to a concept of Life after life has been good for me. In this world view, our loved ones move from one form a life into another form of Life. Life without restriction and limitations of a physical body.

With this shift in perspective concerning Death I am  now able to accept my Father promotion to the ranks of Ancestor. Now,  i look forward to my own promotion to the rank of Ancestor, when my work in earth school is over. I hope you find my word helpful at least and comforting at most. Then i hope that you will consider giving  your loved one permission to speak, visit and or guide you where allowed by God. I believe that they are waiting for us to make the first move. They do not want to be considered ghost frightening us but they want to assist our love ones in a new dimension of life with new properties. Can you embrace this? Write me and tell me what you think.