Monday, January 20, 2014

Revisiting the Dream of Dr. MLK Jr. 2014

The life and legacy of Dr. MLK,Jr. Is on my mind. I have been reflecting on his last sermon, ("I Have Been to the Mountain Top" see link below). I discovered why he was considered a serious threat to the status quo. He promoted the unity of the African American community while at the same time encouraging the brotherhood all of humanity. He promoted fair treatment for all of God's Children. He promoted the conscious use of the collective economic withdrawal of the support for companies that did not treat the African American fairly in their hiring policies. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did more than have a dream. In his last sermon, he gave some concrete steps for us to use to strengthen African American Institutions like banks and insurance businesses and extract from the powers that be the rights of a citizen and human dignity for all people.

Yes, Dr. King even challenged the religious order and his fellow pastors and preachers to develop a "dangerous unselfishness" that assured their ministries did more than take care of themselves and prepare people for the after life but using spiritual principle to help people live a better quality of life here and now.

Today I am asking my friends to please rethink the Life and Legacy of Dr. King beyond the wonderfully socially acceptable dream to review how his life was given to dealing with the reality of the treating issues of his day and ours. Lets do our part to deal with Poverty, Injustice, racism and mass incarceration and any other thing that cause God Children to live below their birthright. This is what's on my mind today How about you? Happy Kingdom day... Live the Dream!

Friday, January 3, 2014