Sunday, June 23, 2013

TORN a Thoughtful Response to #DarkGirls on OWN

It's time for us to free ourselves from mental slavery... Bob Marley says "none but ourselves can free our minds." In some ways he's right; we have responsibility to do our part to liberate ourselves from the left overs of racial slavery. On Leap day in this leap year, I took a leap in the right direction to free my mind of any of the residual effects of Mental Slavery I did this by attending a play + Movie called TORN. In this movie I was confronted with the effect of slavery and the "Willie Lynch" Letter.

The play held out the promise that we would "tear" this destructive letter and thus destroy the enslaving grip of this supposed blue print for long term enslavement of the African slave in the Americas. I don't know if the letter is actually an historical document. However, I know that its precepts have been in practice far too long.

I was waiting for the right moment to release this blog. But after watching #DarkGirls on the OWN network. I realized once again how important this work by Jermaine Harris is to the healing of our minds from color-ism / racism. We all have to do our part in the emancipation of our minds from the tools of mental slavery that now exits.

We have to go beyond just casually rapping about consumer slavery and get to dealing with the core issue of institutional and systemic racism and color-ism  This is one reason why I like what Jermaine Harris has done with TORN. He has given us something to work with and show to our children. I have watched the DVD several times and during these times my children have watched a portion with me. I felt good watching this with my children because with each viewing we are dismantling the the foundation of psychological self hatred and individual dislike that has lingered in our minds and perpetuated in our consumer culture for far too long.

Thank you Jermaine and the Black Family United for this production. I hope that it gets picked up by Oprah and other international platforms for wider distribution. I'm doing my part by putting it out there, so Keep Going... Jermaine and Oprah and you!

I hope that you look up this play that's now on DVD and share it with your friends it will jump start your leap out of mental slavery. Dedicated to Dark Girls and Dark People everywhere....