Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's a Miracle!...that happens daily

When was that last time you witnessed a miracle?  I know that some of you are wondering if you ever witnessed a miracle. I believe that you have not only witnessed one but participated in at least one modern miracle.  However, you may not have recognized the miracle because it happens so often that you have become blinded to the actuality of the miracle. 

By now you may realize that I am not necessarily talking about the Biblical Jesus Christ type miracles like raising the dead, giving sight to the blind, or feeding the five thousand. We don't see many of the Jesus level miracles today, although, I believe they are on the way here soon. We will not only be witnesses, we will perform them. 

The miracles that I have my focus on today are those modern day miracles performed with the aid and use of technology. Today, I jumped on and off a flying metal bird weighing over 100,000 pounds and moving at a speeds of over 500 miles and hour. (These things actually fold time.) Hundreds of these birds, called airplanes, take off and land everyday without incident. Now, that's a Miracle. [Not to mention that our luggage usually gets to our destination along with us.]

If this is not enough for you to recognize daily miracles consider this. Many of us get in and out of our personal transporters, called cars; we weld these weapons of mass destruction weighing thousands pounds up and down our streets and highways; we sling ourselves around at the speed of 70-80 miles per hour, while at the same time texting friends, calling business partners and updating  Facebook and Twitters statuses simultaneously.  Yet, we do all this many time without so much as a scratch on our precious transporters or injury to ourselves, loved ones and neighbors.

Miracles! I tell you miracles are the norm for our times. That's why were all in awe when a plane crashes or there's a fatal car accident because then we are reminded of just how risky our common place activities are. In these tragic moments ever so briefly we pause for the cause and contemplate the miracle of our survival that we witness on the daily. Give Thanks! 

The Most High has keep us, again; He has covered us and keep us from the hurt, harm and danger that we expose ourselves to daily. It's a miracle that we are here....

"Almighty God, thank you for the miracle of flight, travel and safe passage today. May we use our collective miracle working power to do Your will in our world: to set free those in bondage, to feed the hungry, heal the sick and manifest your Love by ending the cradle to prison pipelines, ending self inflected genocide by means of gun violence and beginning the new age of miracles for the good of all humanity."  Amen, so let it be. Check out this link:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In Everything Give Thanks...

Recently, I woke up to do my morning ritual of meditation, prayer and scripture reading. But, when I bowed down on my face to pray, only one word came to my mind and out my mouth, out actually two words: THANK YOU.  THANK YOU that's it that all that came out. 

Thank You.  It was one of the shortest prayers I have ever made to God. It had no requests, intercessions or unknown language. Yet this prayer felt so complete.  There was no "LORD help me today", There was no LORD I need this or that, no request to visit the sick, or save the lost. There was no request to God to take His vengeance on my enemies.  This was just a simple prayer of Thank You... 

This THANK YOU was different, it was not a qualified thank you for prayer; It was more of a thank you because prayer. Thank you because of Who You Are (Our Father) and Who's I am (His Son).   It was just a thank you to God for His Being for all the He IS.  

Now I must tell you that I felt strange about my THANK YOU only prayer. It felt like I did not pray enough because I did not use a lot of words but when I said this prayer it was all that I sensed my prayer needed. I sensed deeply that my simple prayer of thanks giving to God was a complete and appropriate expression of appreciation to and for consciousness of our Creator. 

I told a friend about this strange prayer, she told me that it was not so strange a prayer. She asked me how I would feel if one of my sons came to me without a request only a simple word of thanks for me being his Father. How would I feel? Then, my heart smiled. I realized that moment that God's heart smiled too that day.  I became aware that my strange prayer might have been one of my best prayers to our spiritual Father. I challenge you to make God's heart smile too. One day pray this simple prayer to God.  

Let this portion of ancient scripture be you motivation to join with me in the prayer of Thanks Giving to God.

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God... concerning you." 1 Thess. 5:18