Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Homegoing Celebration

Homegoing Celebration,

In the African American Community a Homegoing Celebration is what is commonly called a funeral by the broader community.  WE call these events Homegoings  because they express our faith in a Heavenly Father that calls His children home to live Eternally with Him. We call them celebrations because they express our faith and joy in knowing our loved on and we celebrate his or her life as we knew it. We believe that death is a door way;  death is a right of passage to a better life in which suffering has ceased and  joy is eternal. We celebrate knowing that our loved one is in Eternal life after death. This blog and poem is dedicated to PASTOR CEDRIC HINSON

Going Home…

Earth has swallowed me

In a maze of concrete and steel.

No Soft places


Soft spaces


Carried by a Silver dragon,

Regurgitated once again

To ascend above ground…

Going Home

This poem was written while waiting for the A train in the “Big Apple,” New York City 4.17.99 original intent was to send an unique postcard t my neighbor and friends.