Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wait for It.....what you lack is on the way....

Wait on the inner strength and wisdom from God once you have asked for it. The revelation of your next step will come. The insight you are seeking will manifest just wait on it without doubting.  

The ancient author James, teaches us In James1:5-8 that if we feel lack, if we feel destitute of the knowledge We need or if we sense and know lack (not having) then we should begin asking God to give us wisdom and knowledge to overcome the state of destitution and Lack. 
Poverty in any area in our life should at least be a prompt for us to ask God for Wisdom and knowledge that we need to be perfect and mature lacking nothing.

We are actually commanded to ask God for Wisdom for the lacking lagging inferior areas in our lives. The word translated ASK means to 1) to beg, call for, crave, desire, require.

WE are commanded to fervently ask God for wisdom. We are not commanded to ask our pastor, neighbor or our BFF or BMF. We are commanded to ask God…in Prayer.

What we are waiting for is the Divine Word and Knowledge that leads us to our next step.

Today we discover that we have some Assistance during the multiple trials we find ourselves in. We are not alone…Remember this message is called Wait for it…. What are we waiting on? We are waiting on the “Giving God who Gives Wisdom….”

We are waiting for His revelation and direction to drop into our spirits and cause us to prosper…..Wait on it…The Giving God that gives wants to give to us and to everyone who asks. Our Giving God gives to all people simply, openly, frankly, sincerely.

This view of God as the giving God who gives freely may not be known. We tend to think that God is not willing to give us wisdom. In fact we think that God is holding back or hiding wisdom from us. Its not God hiding His wisdom from us, It is our own doubt and unbelief that keeps us from the wisdom of God that we need. 
To learn more listen to the attached message.http://tinyurl.com/Wait-for-It-James-5-5-8