Saturday, April 10, 2010

Video Sound bite of Dead But Not Done

[Due to technical difficulties we were not able to record the introduction of the Message Dead but Not Done.] In my introduction I spoke about the symbolism of New Clothes and the resurrection. Just like putting on new clothes we have to put on the new life and mind set of a resurrected being. We have to overcome the stuff that we inherited from our ancient ancestors who tried to cover up the nakedness of a strained relationship with God with fig leaves.

We received as our inheritance fear of God, a sense of vulnerability, strained relationship between the sexes all because of our disobedient obstinate spirit. The Good New is that faith in the Resurrected Christ delivers us from the burden of guilt, fear, and shame. For the resurrection is an empowering force in the believer.

Dr. Gregg A. Scott says "The Resurrection empowers the Church for the Freedom of Being, Disciple making-Disciples." (Matthew 28:18-20) The Holy Spirit is the resident indwelling presence of the living God with us always. Therefore,the death in your life and circumstances is not the end of the story it is only a delay....

What God wants us to do is to enter into the REST He has provided, The REST is the finished work of redemption. God by means of the Christ has brought you and I back from the pawn shop of heartbreak hotel, Disappointment Row, and Failure Avenue.
Because of the shed blood of the Christ (the redemption price) we have access to our own person Passover. When God sees the Blood on us appropriated by Faith then then He allows destruction and destroyer of our souls to PASSOVER us. Therefore, we no longer have to be slaves to our past. We no longer have to carry around the burden of our past transgressions or indiscretions. We are encouraged to seek first the rule of God in our lives and to practice His moral code. Once we do what He requires then all the "things" we desire of comfort in this life shall be added to us. This is true because God knows that a truly redeemed person will use his or her wealth for Kingdom work and affairs of loving the poor and needy among us and making sure that Kingdom needs are supplied. " But Seek ye first the kindgom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" Matthew 6:33