Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Doubt….

The title for this week’s sermon is NO DOUBT…. The title is a play on the words of the popular colloquial expression NO DOUBT. No doubt is the affirmative response given when statement are made which are so obviously based in factual observable evidence that it leaves no room for doubt. Therefore, the hearer of the statement can respond with the affirmative phrase NO DOUBT. This message is the second in the series simply called “James: On Practical Matter of Faith” In this message we learn that God has already made provisions to deal with the times in our life when we feel like we are lagging behind others or feeling inferior.

If you want to learn more about His provisions for your sense of lack then be sure to down load this week’s Message entitled NO DOUBT...

Try this link for the message: If after the message you feel like me and want to put yourself on the Alter of God then download the second link as well….


If you feel like I did after hearing this message and want to go to the alter of God then be lead there in the following powerful prayer by Unitha L. Muhammad clink on the link below: