Tuesday, April 27, 2010

8 Souls Baptized at LA Second… Sunday April 25, 2010

We are still rejoicing over the LORDS’s presence at our baptismal service at LA Second Community Church. Yesterday, I got to experience one of the highest joys of pastoring a local congregation: baptism.

Immediately after our regular Sunday Morning Worship, we had the honor of baptizing three adults and five children. All the candidates completed my two-hour intensive Baptism Preparation Class. This baptism was a first for me as a senior pastor. I can hardly contain my excitement.

This Baptism was previously planned to take place after our January ordination classes. But after I took the History, Polity and Doctrine course with Denny, the LORD convicted me about my flippant attitude toward the sacrament of Baptism. The conviction was prompted by reading the class handout entitled The DIDACHE, or the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, (Translated by Charles H. Hoole).

In the Seventh chapter it says “…But before the baptism, let him who baptizeth and him who is baptized fast previously, and any others who may be able. And thou shalt command him who is baptized to fast one or two days before.”  After pondering the reverence with which the early church approached the sacrament of Baptism I realized that this means of grace is far more important than just checking off another pastoral task competed.

The LORD heightened the Baptismal experience for me by allowing me the honor of baptizing my four children. They were assisting me at the church while I was preparing the baptismal pool, and my eldest son told me on the ride home that he wanted to be baptized. His brothers and sister chimed in as well, in the affirmative. I had to work hard to get them through the preparation material. However, God’s grace made it possible.

Two of the adults baptized on Sunday have joined the church since I have been appointed pastor. They regularly attend our Thursday night interactive bible study along with Andrew. Andrew -- a long time member of LA Second – also attended the mandatory bible studies for the baptism and as he was helping me set up the pool he told me that he wanted to follow the LORD in Baptism. I asked him what prompted him to be baptized, and he told me that the LORD pulled on his heart through my teachings. All I could do is offer praise to our God.

Special thanks to Pastors Kevin Robinson and Ruben Luna, of Marina Christian Fellowship, for their sound advice and assistance in getting the Baptismal pool to LA Second Community Church, where we are Equipping Lives to Love and Serve Humanity.